About S/V Wing Song

Floating amidst the flotsam of the Barry Glacier Coxe Glaciers, in Prince William Sound.

Floating amidst brash ice from the Barry and Coxe Glaciers (background), in Barry Arm.

S/V Wing Song is a 1966 Cal-36 sailboat, hull #32, built by Jensen Marine in Costa Mesa, California. The Cal-36 has a fin keel and spade rudder, and is a sloop-rigged, blue water cruiser/racer.

I was excited to acquire Wing Song in August, 2003, and kept her there in Whittier until 2012, taking advantage of access to the spectacular bays and coves of Prince William Sound, with its numerous glaciers, fjords, and wildlife. In fall of 2012, I sailed her into Kachemak Bay and on into the Homer harbor, where she is currently based. Prior to my acquiring her, she spent time in the Seward Yacht Club, and rumor has it that she participated in the TransPac at some point in the past. I would be love to hear from anyone who might have further information as to her history!

Cal 36 data (general):

Hull Type:  Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type:  Masthead Sloop
LOA:  35.50′ / 10.82m LWL:  27.00′ / 8.23m
Beam:  10.33′ / 3.15m Listed SA:  600 ft2 / 55.74 m2
Draft (max.)  5.70′ / 1.74m Draft (min.)  
Disp.  11200 lbs./ 5080 kgs. Ballast:  4500 lbs. / 2041 kgs.
SA/Disp.:  19.24 Bal./Disp.:  40.18% Disp./Len.:  254.03
Designer:  C. William Lapworth
Builder:  Jensen Marine (USA)
Construct.:  FG Bal. type:  Lead
First Built:  1966 Last Built:   # Built:  

AUXILIARY POWER (as currently installed)
Make: Yanmar Model:  3YM20
Type:  Diesel HP: 20

Water:  ? gals. / ? ltrs. Fuel:  24 gals. / 90.7 ltrs.

I:  42.00′ / 12.80m J:  14.50′ / 4.42m
P:  36.30′ / 11.06m E:  16.30′ / 4.97m
PY:   EY:  
SPL:   ISP:  
SA(Fore.):  304.50 ft2 / 28.29 m2 SA(Main):  295.85 ft2 / 27.48 m2
600.35 ft2 / 55.77 m2
DL ratio:  254.03
SA/Disp:  19.25
Est. Forestay Len.:
 44.43′ / 13.54m



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